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The world’s biggest hotel is set to open in Mecca in 2017, offering an unprecedented level of luxury to travelers and royalty alike in Saudi Arabia.

Abraj Kudai is a mixed-used development located at the Manafia area in Makkah’s central zone, only 2.2 km south of the Holy Haram in Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Due to its unparalleled size, height as well as distinguished location, exposure and architectural style, the building appears as a striking landmark with a profoundly modern multifunctional identity relating to both the Saudi locality and the Islamic universality of its expected users.

Bordered by Ajyad Street from the east, Kudai and Birka tunnels from the west and Prince Meteb land from the north, Abraj Kudai is accessible from two main roads from the east and west as well as a private road from the north. The site is surrounded by private buildings and properties from both the east and the west.

With a total site area of approximately 60,000 m² and total built-up area of around 1.4 million m², the project is a residential and commercial complex that consists of a large podium topped by 12 towers accommodating several elements such as a podium housing a bus station, a shopping mall, restaurants and food courts, a convention center and car parks.

The five star towers offer all related services for the visitors of the Holy Kaaba. Lower levels close to the Holy Haram area are used as commercial venues, thus ensuring immediate and easy access for the Haram visitors. The development is designed to accommodate adequate car parks on top of the commercial zones located at the base levels. Placing the parking floors in such a location is due to underground site constraints, mainly the Zamzam water table level.

The Abraj Kudai will cost about $3.6 billion, featuring 10,000 bedrooms, 70 restaurants and four helipads, the Guardian reported on Friday. At 45 stories tall, the desert fortress-style hotel boasts 12 towers atop a 10-story podium, which contains a bus station, food courts, a shopping mall and an extravagant ballroom. But five floors will be off limits to the most guests – they’re reserved exclusively for the Saudi royal family.

The Abraj Kudai was funded by the Saudi Ministry of Finance and designed by the Dar al-Handasah Group.

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