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A small family chocolate factory in Canada, owned by Gilmour spouses, called Hummingbird, was awarded the highest recognition in the industry: the London Academy of Chocolate noted Hispaniola variety manufactured at the factory, made from organic Dominican cocoa, with a prestigious award Golden Bean, tells the news service of the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic.

Higher premium means that the Academy found Hispaniola chocolate the best in the world. Cocoa, from which it is produced, was harvested on a private plantation in the reserved zone of El Zorzal, situated in the north of the Dominican Republic, where a consortium of 300 manufacturers operates.

Cocoa beans used for Hispaniola chocolate production, has a fruity bouquet with a hint of cherry.

The competition was attended by more than 580 kinds of chocolate products from around the world, which were evaluated by more than 40 expert chocolatiers. In addition to gold, which Hispaniola chocolate got, the small Canadian company won three silver and one bronze medals.

“We are particularly pleased with the recognition of Hispaniola chocolate, because we did the first chocolate in the basement of our house from the Dominican cocoa,” – said Eric Gilmour.

The cost of a 50-gram Hispaniola chocolate tiles is 6.5 Canadian dollars.

The Dominican Republic is the third largest cocoa producer and exporter in Latin America and the tenth in the world. About 300 thousand people grow and harvest cocoa on more than 30 thousand farms here.


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