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The consortium of Petranyi Auto and BUDPORT will be Budapest Airport’s official minibus service provider from January. Thanks to environmentally friendly vehicles and innovative services, the passenger experience is set to improve even further at the airport, with more affordable prices.

A new minibus service provider will commence operation at Budapest Airport on 1 January, after the consortium of Petranyi Auto and BUDPORT won Budapest Airport’s recent minibus tender. The group will provide its services under the name miniBUD, not only maintaining the continuity of minibus services, but also making significant developments in quality.

miniBUD will provide airport transfer services with a completely new, simple and flexible booking system, comfortable vehicles, a Wi-Fi service and favorable conditions. Having recognised the success of the low-cost carrier business model, basic service will be offered for a lower price, but passengers will also have an opportunity to purchase additional services. miniBUD will provide the best value for money, with door-to-door ground transportation.

The winning consortium has signed a five-year contract with Budapest Airport. After the launch of the service, the new operational model will be in use by June, with service provision being seamless during the transition period. The airport minibus fleet will consist of 60 modern, comfortable and environmentally friendly vehicles, whereby not only is passenger satisfaction set to increase, but the commitments undertaken in the Greenairport program launched by Budapest Airport this year can also be fulfilled. Petranyi Auto supplies the fleet and the technical background for the joint venture, whilst BUDPORT contributes a strong, innovative commercial approach and experience in serving aerial passengers.

“With Petranyi Auto and BUDPORT, we have seen one of the largest vehicle service companies in Hungary team up with an innovative business partner at Budapest Airport, emerging as the winner in our minibus tender. We are certain that they will provide high-quality transportation services to passengers, the customer-focused approach miniBUD will provide is vitally important for us to maintain our reputation as best airport in the region,” commented Kam Jandu, Chief Commercial Officer, Budapest Airport.

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