Florida: Miami boasts lowest car rental rates in the United States

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MIAMI – Miami is the least expensive destination in the United States in which to rent a car. A recent survey from CheapCarRental.net drew this conclusion after conducting a comparison of car rental rates in 50 destinations across the United States over the past 12 months.

In Florida’s vibrant resort city of Miami, car renters had to pay an average of only $20 per day. That price reflects the average for the cheapest available rental car in the city over the past year. In contrast, rates are more than 200% more expensive in Philadelphia, which leads the ranking at an average daily rate of $65. New York City ranks second most expensive in the country at an average price tag of $61 per day.

It must be mentioned that the rates indicated by the survey are yearly average rates. This is an important distinction because rates tend to fluctuate seasonally in certain destinations. In Boston, for example, a car could be rented for less than $30 daily in early December. During most of August, however, car renters encountered prices of $80 or more.

The other Floridian destinations considered by this survey are also very affordable for car renters. In Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville, average rental rates came in below $30 per day.

The following table shows the five most and five least expensive U.S. car rental destinations. The prices shown reflect the average daily rate for the cheapest available rental car in each destination during the period spanning Oct 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015. Each city’s main airport was chosen as the Pick-Up and Drop-Off location.

1. Philadelphia $65
2. New York $61
3. Detroit $58
4. Indianapolis $58
5. Austin $56

46. Tampa $28
47. Orlando $27
48. San Francisco $26
49. Charleston $26
50. Miami $20

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