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One excursion won’t suffice to assimilate the innumerable beauties of the island, which hold visitors spellbound. The “tears” of the weeping mastic trees, the enduring heritage from the blessed earth of Chios – are used to produce products that have brought the island to the attention of the entire world.
Chios Town: multifaceted and welcoming, beckoning visitors to explore its beauty. The restaurants and the quaint taverns serve delicious local delicacies that will definitely satisfy every taste.
The Kampos of Chios: dotted with mansions and the renowned citrus trees that spread their ethereal scent throughout the Aegean.
Mastihohoria (the Mastic Villages): medieval castle villages invite you to wander their narrow alleyways, “whispering” stories of bygone eras.
Emporios: the unique Mavra Volia beach, the cleanest and most beautiful beach on the island.
Kampohora: with monuments and breath-taking sandy and pebble beaches – Karfas, Agios Fotias and Lithi, Elinta and Sidirounta in the west.
Nea Moni Monastery: a Byzantine monastery in the central section of the island, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Avgonyma and Anavatos: romantically nostalgic medieval settlements.
Homeric Volissos: in the north of the island, the village boasts a castle and quite beaches for rest and relaxation.
Vrontados: a coastal region with a naval history, the Stone of Homer and the picturesque harbour of Lagada with taverns offering fresh fish, octopus, squid and tales of the sea.
Kardamyla: a village steeped in naval tradition and history.
And many other small, lovely, charming villages that make up a colourful canvas with all shades of blue and green, posing the pleasantest of dilemmas to visitors, who return again and again to experience the hospitality of Chios. A magical place that combines tradition, history and natural beauty.
Chios – a special destination.
Discover it!


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