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NEW YORK – Business Travel News released its inaugural Car Rental Brand & Ground Transportation Survey. National Car Rental and sister brand Enterprise emerged as clear favorites among corporate travel buyers, taking turns in the top spot for each of seven criteria rated by travel managers.

That said, the car rental category received positive reviews overall. More than one-third of survey respondents said car rental service has improved over the past 12 months and more than 60 percent said service levels have remained steady over the past year. Less than 5 percent of respondents said they had experienced a fall-off in car rental service.

“Business Travel News was eager to introduce this survey as a complement to our annual Airline and Hotel Chain surveys,” said Business Travel News group publisher, Louis Magliaro. “The car rental industry overall has made significant strides in both product and service for business travelers, and our survey results speak to the category’s commitment to the corporate market.”

Car rental industry analyst Neil Abrams, president of Abrams Consulting Group, noted that car rental company satisfaction levels vary wildly across surveys, but no brand is truly a laggard. “The three major brands servicing the corporate community are all doing a good job, though it’s getting harder and harder to create differentiators.” That difficulty was apparent in the BTN survey, with the leader edging out competition by fairly slim margins.











To reach an overall score, the BTN Car Rental Brand Survey reviewed following criteria:

  • Flexibility in negotiating pricing
  • Flexibility in negotiating services and amenities
  • Clean, well-serviced cars
  • Quick and effective complaint resolution
  • Communication with buyers about changes
  • Relationship with account managers and sales reps
  • Worth of service vs. rates, fees and charges

Chauffeured Ground Transportation
The BTN survey also queried respondents about their chauffeured ground transportation service experiences, measuring the importance of seven criteria against travel managers’ actual satisfaction rates in these areas. Emerging as the top three criteria for chauffeured ground transportation:

  • Insurance for drivers
  • Licensing of drivers
  • Complaint/problem resolution

The study not only reviewed criteria and satisfaction levels, but also put the responses in context of the rise in sharing economy providers like Uber and Lyft.

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